Tricks to work with Date and time in EXCEL

To know which month is running, use function


To see the month name instead of number, use function


This shows the month’s name in your excel language

To know which year is running, use function


To see the last 2 digits of the year, use function


To find the day of the week for today, use function


This will give a number from 1 to 7 (1 for sunday, 7 for Saturday)

To see the weekday name instead of number, use function


To see day of today only, use function


Note: In place of Today() you can give any date, to find information of that date.

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3 responses to “Tricks to work with Date and time in EXCEL”

  1. Ramkumar says:

    I had been eager to know the tricks about excel

    • klick2learnmore says:

      Thanks Ram.. Please follow our blog and learn new tricks about MS Excel


    • Cammie says:

      Th&8t#a217;s why I love this site. Thanks for the great analysis Darius. Anyone else notice that when Kobe is out Ron steps up and plays really outstanding ball? It really hits home what a multi- dimensional gifted player the dude still is and how committed he is to this team. He’s content in his role and then steps it up and become a floor leader and offensive threat when called upon.

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